Photographs by Peter Harvey

Welcome to the 2017 update of the website. There are a number of changes which reflect a slight change of emphasis but also a opportunity to refresh images.

The Venice project is still a struggle - it is such an over-pictured place it is difficult to get a new or different view. I have made a number of versions of photobooks, the latest iteration of which was submitted to the 2016 RPS Photobook Competition. Although not selected (and I have to say that most of the final selection were outstandingly good) I have learned a lot from the process and and looking to develop my skills in this aspect of presentation (see Photobooks section).

I have been doing a good deal of writing recently. I wrote a very grumpy piece for The Jackdaw on the move of the RPS Collection to the V&A - a travesty in my view. On a less angry note, however, I have contributed a number of short historical articles for the Times Past section of the RPS Journal which are about images and items from the RPS Collection. I have enjoyed the discipline of writing to a word limit as well as learning a good deal about the history of photography (see the Publications section for details).

I have continued to submit to the National Open Art Competition and was shortlisted again this year. There is now grouping within the Galleries section showing all of my submissions.

I am contributing to a show early in 2017 at Sunny Bank Mills again. This is part of a larger exhibition of prints and paintings by Pat Harvey and Des Pattison called Botanica and my images are shown in the Gallery of that name on the site.

New projects in the pipeline of which more soon…

January 2017