I am always ambivalent when talking or writing about my photographs - after all, why should a visual medium require the imposition of verbal language? Words can mask or direct, acting as a barrier to the viewer rather than a guide. And much of the language of contemporary art - even when it is comprehensible - obfuscates and cloaks the work in verbiage and interpretation. However, a few words about my intentions and interests follow, but I leave it to you - the viewer - to come to your own conclusions as to whether I have succeeded.

There are a number of themes to my photography. One strand explores the representation of place and how we construct a meaningful experience in our viewing of images of place - especially landscapes. Other images explore how our interactions with the land create another set of views of landscapes.

The built environment presents another space rich in visual imagery where order and structure are substituted for the more fluid and chaotic topography of what we call the ‘natural’ environment.

A third strand takes a more 'documentary' approach to how we mark and make special places where fatal road accidents have occurred - and how transient these memorials can be.

The fourth strand looks at dereliction and how we can construct some powerful and positive aesthetic experiences from decay.

The final strand explores the more conventional concerns of photographic practice such as the representation of form, texture, colour and movement.

May 2013.