Sites - handmade, individually casebound and boxed - submitted for MA (2010). click to view

Remembering Sunny Bank Mills - Blurb Book shown at the Archive Exhibition 2014 and later prepared as a limited edition of 16 for Sunny Bank Mills Board of Directors (2015). Images used in the book are here click to view .

A Fifth Essence - Blurb Book submitted to the RPS Photobook Competition, 2016. Click to view Sample pages from A Fifth Essence .


I am developing an active interest in the Photobook and have made with a couple of Blurb Books as well as producing Sites for my MA. Remembering Sunny Bank Mills was made as part of the Archive exhibition at the mills in 2014. Limited Edition copies were later given as a gift the Mill’s Board of Directors. A Fifth Essence is the fourth attempt to produce an innovative book about Venice. This was submitted to the 2016 RPS Photobook Competition, and although unsuccessful, was a very useful learning experience.